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Paperback Subscription 2015
Paperback Subscription 2015
[Wave Books]
Illocality, Joseph Massey
[Joseph Massey]
One Morning—, Rebecca Wolff
One Morning—
[Rebecca Wolff]
Caroline Knox, To Drink Boiled Snow
To Drink Boiled Snow
[Caroline Knox]
A Roll of the Dice by Stéphane Mallarmé translated by Jeff Clark and Robert Bononno
A Roll of the Dice
[Stéphane Mallarmé]
24 Pages and other poems by Lisa Fishman
24 Pages and other poems
[Lisa Fishman]
Surrounded by Friends by Matthew Rohrer
Surrounded by Friends
[Matthew Rohrer]
Superior Packets by Susie Timmons
Superior Packets
[Susie Timmons]
Touché by Rod Smith
[Rod Smith]