Found Criticism

As part of our annual subscription and Wave Pamphlet Series, Wave Books will be publishing pamphlets and broadsides dedicated to found criticism. Each publication will gather together practical efforts around literary work that were not initially considered criticism. The publications, created from public and private sources, will include literary trial transcripts, FBI files of authors, collected blurbs, book descriptions, marginalia, proofreaders notes, reproductions of book designs, and many other interesting things. We hope over the course of this project to actively consider a criticism focused on inquisitiveness and investigation.

We have published the following pamphlets of found criticism so far: 

Bio Notes, Larry Eigner (2010)

Philip Lamantia’s Selected Poems into Japanese (translator: Koichiro Yamauchi) (2012)

John Ashbery’s HOUSEBOAT DAYS into Bengali (translator: Aryanil Mukherjee, responses by David Kermani) (2012)

Jargon Society Publisher's Notes, Jonathan Williams (2013)


Future projects: 

Thirty Words: for which Samuel Taylor Coleridge is author of the first recognized English quotation in the OED

Daily News: poems and headlines from the days on which they were written

Found criticism pamphlets will be part of the Wave Pamphlet Series, available by Wave Books subscription.