Wave Open Reading Period FAQ

Thanks to everyone who's submitted to our Wave open reading period. We are excited to see so much new work.

Q: Are you reading chapbooks, or only full-length manuscripts? 
A: Full-length only. If you have a short book and are not sure if it is a book or a chapbook, please go ahead and send it. 

Q: I sent two manuscripts and did not get a notification. Did you get my second manuscript? 
A: If you send two manuscripts in the same day, our notification system does not pick it up, but in all likelihood if we received the first we have received any subsequent mss. 

Q: Is it okay to send my letter as a Word doc / sample as a Word doc / manuscript as a PDF?
A: Yep. All of the above. While it's helpful for us if you follow the guidelines, the main thing is that we want to get everything electronically. 

If you haven't submitted yet, please do, and please pass the word around to other poets!

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