Beckman and O'Brien sale

From now until Sept. 4th, we're offering a 33% discount on new softcover collections from Geoffrey G. O'Brien and Joshua Beckman. Free domestic shipping, as always.

Joshua Beckman is at his most immediate and attentive in The Inside of an Apple. His sincere, spare poems place the reader within the personal space of the author from inside his apartment to the mountains. From this perspective, the reader experiences a revelation of consciousness and a surprising generosity of spirit.

In People on Sundayhis most autobiographical collection to date, Geoffrey G. O’Brien explores—via the ‘promise of happiness’ in great works of art—the dream of a working freedom not relegated to a seventh day of rest. Crossing traditional poetic materials with contemporary political struggles, O’Brien leads the reader to a space of emergent voices and captures the complex feelings of the present. 

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