Ruefle and Kocot 33% sale

From now until Oct. 1st, we're offering a 33% discount on new collections from Mary Ruefle and Noelle Kocot. Ruefle's Trances of the Blast is in hardcover, and with a discount it's only $15. That's cheaper than our softcovers this season. Plus, there's free domestic shipping, as always.

Trances of the Blast is a major new collection from beloved and award- winning poet Mary Ruefle. Full of the peculiarity and wit characteristic of Ruefle’s work, the poems deliver an imaginative take on the world’s rifts—its paradoxes, failures, and loss—and help us better appreciate its redeeming strangeness. In hardcover, on sale for $15.

Noelle Kocot’s sixth collection, built from the rubble and strangeness of everyday life, exists outside of time or telescope. Soul in Space is a masterful combination of Kocot’s intimacy of voice and authority over poetic form, and it leaves a brighter, weirder world in its wake. On sale for $12.

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