ALL TITLES 30% OFF; a Holiday Sale

Poets, readers, friends,

It's been a good year, and it seems like only yesterday that we were awaiting the first of our Bagley Wright Lecture Series books; or listening to poems on a boat gliding the canals of Tampa; or paging through incredible drawings of Etheridge Knight; or delighting in Philip Lamantia's letters of conscientious objection to war; or taking a ferry across the sound to a wonderland of typewriters; or talking a mile a minute at bookfairs in Seattle, Brooklyn, and Portland; or carefully balancing a little papercraft amid the cacti.

That last one literally was yesterday. And everything that card says is true: we are having a HOLIDAY SALE. To celebrate the year. ALL TITLES are 30% OFF, with FREE SHIPPING in the US.

Head over to our holiday collection (hint: it's all the books) and the discount should be applied automatically. Or simply plug in "ANDOTHERPOEMS" when you check out.

The sale will run until the end of the year.
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