Video Catalogs now available for Wave Titles

Posted on July 09, 2021 by Wave Books

I hope this news finds you doing well and enjoying your summer. As many of you are aware, the last year has brought many changes to the publishing world, and some of them have brought some unique opportunities to share Wave titles with you in ways that seemed unimaginable only a year and a half ago.

In this spirit, we are excited to share that Wave Books now offers a video catalog, which includes recordings of each author reading from their forthcoming books. Each catalog is organized by season on Wave’s YouTube page, and currently we have catalogs for the current spring and forthcoming fall 2021 titles. We hope that you enjoy these generous readings from these authors, and if you have any questions about scheduling readings (virtual or in-person) or to request a review copy of any book, please reach out to Wave’s publicist, Catherine (


New Books from Joshua Beckman and Mary Ruefle

Posted on November 27, 2020 by Wave Books

In celebration of the imminent publications of Animal Days, by Joshua Beckman, and the softcover edition of Dunce, by Mary Ruefle, we would like to let you know about a sale Wave Books is having. 

From now through December 30, both of these softcover titles will be 30% off  and the hardcovers will be 20% off. As always, the shipping is free through regular mail in the US. Also, if both of these books intrigue you, consider purchasing them together for 40% off their retail price, right around $21, as a Winter 2020/2021 Bundle

We hope that you have a safe and warm holiday season!

Thank you,

Wave Books staff


Animal Days by Joshua Beckman

Enacting both the pain and heightened awareness of a body in crisis, Joshua Beckman’s latest collection of carefully assembled poetic fragments seeks to elucidate the synthetic reality of being sick and being medicated. Written from inside of illness and gathered over several years, these fragments or moments invite readers to contemplate how the compromised body transforms our conceptions of selfhood and our sense of the world. With a sincere reaching curiosity, the poems present a record of daily experience, but with the constant undermining presence of decay, memory, and death. 

Dunce (softcover) by Mary Ruefle

Finalist for the 2020 Pulitzer Prize
Long listed for the 2019 National Book Award
Long listed for the 2019 National Book Critics Circle Award
Finalist for the 2019 LA Times Book Prize

In Dunce Mary Ruefle returns to the poetic practice that has always been at her core. With her startlingly fresh sensibility, she enraptures us in poem after poem by the intensity of her attention, with the imaginative flourishes of her being-in-the-world, always deep with mysteries, unexpected appearances, and abiding yearning.

New Books from Srikanth Reddy and Lisa Fishman

Posted on July 29, 2020 by Catherine Bresner

With the publication day only a few days away for Underworld Lit by Srikanth Reddy and Mad World, Mad Kings, Mad Composition by Lisa Fishman, we would like to let you know about a sale Wave Books is having. 

From now through August 4, these softcover titles will be 30% off and the hardcovers will be 20% off. As always, the shipping is free through regular mail in the US.** Also, if both of these books intrigue you, consider purchasing them together for 40% off their retail price, right around $24, as a Summer 2020 Bundle

Underworld Lit by Srikanth Reddy

Simultaneously funny and frightful, Srikanth Reddy's Underworld Lit is a multiverse quest through various cultures' realms of the dead. Couched in a literature professor's daily mishaps with family life and his sudden reckoning with mortality, this adventurous serial prose poem moves from the college classroom to the oncologist's office to the mythic underworlds of Mayan civilization, the ancient Egyptian place of judgment and rebirth, the infernal court of Qing dynasty China, and beyond—testing readers along with the way with diabolically demanding quizzes. It unsettles our sense of home as it ferries us back and forth across cultures, languages, epochs, and the shifting border between the living and the dead.


Mad World, Mad Kings, Mad Composition by Lisa Fishman

Spanning 16 years of notebooks, teaching notes, and improvisations, Lisa Fishman's Mad World, Mad Kings, Mad Composition upends time itself in lyric, prose, and visual forms. Sharing Paul Klee's intuition that "the eye travels along the path cut out for it in the work," this deeply multifaceted book moves between observational directness and maddened speech, places and persons, humor and alarm. Tempted by Laura Riding's renunciation of poetry yet rich with life-forms of all kinds (vegetable, animal, processual), it is a work of immediate presence and continuous change, enacting an ever-renewing ecology of connection in peril.

Thank you, and have a lovely summer!

Wave Books staff

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April 30, 2020 Reading: Rohrer, Fishman, Nealon

Posted on April 27, 2020 by Catherine Bresner

Save the date!

In celebration of their new and forthcoming books, Matthew Rohrer (The Sky Contains the Plans), Lisa Fishman (Mad World, Mad Kings, Mad Composition), and Chris Nealon (The Shore) will read from their collections.

To attend, be sure to preregister on Zoom here:



Posted on March 03, 2020 by Catherine Bresner

Circumstances being what they are, Wave has decided that we will not be able to attend AWP in San Antonio this year. While we will miss your friendly faces, we look forward to seeing you in Kansas City for AWP 2021.

Also, we are happy to participate in #AWPVirtualBookfair, a virtual bookfair designed by poets G. Calvocoressi, Dana Levin, and Greg Pardlo. Here, we will be offering 40% off all of our titles, including our newest spring titles. To receive this discount, please use #AWP20 during checkout.

For those of you who plan on attending AWP in San Antonio, we wish you safe travels and a happy (and healthy!) conference.


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