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  • Geoffrey Nutter is the author of A Summer Evening (winner of the 2001 Colorado Prize), Water’s Leaves & Other Poems (Winner of the 2004 Verse Press Prize), Christopher Sunset (winner of the 2011 Sheila Motton Book Award), The Rose of January (Wave Books, 2013), and Cities at Dawn (Wave Books, 2016), and Giant Moth Perishes (Wave Books, 2021). He recently traveled in China, giving lectures, workshops, and readings as a participant in the Sun Yat-sen University Writers’ Residency. Geoffrey’s poems have been translated into Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Soir d’été, a bilingual edition of his poems translated into French by poets Molly Lou Freeman and Julien Marcland, was recently published in France, and a German translation of his book Water’s Leaves & Other Poems will appear in 2021. He has taught poetry at Princeton, Columbia, University of Iowa, NYU, the New School, and 92nd Street Y. He currently teaches Greek and Latin Classics at Queens College. He runs the Wallson Glass Poetry Seminars in New York City.


  • Reviews

    Whatever’s smuggled into these poems—the Petronas Towers, Afghanistan cliffs, Lugers and New Jersey—obeys the abstract logic at the heart of descriptive writing: the sweet ease of writing’s intangibility, its virtual tease.
    Adam Fitzgerald, The American Reader

    Thank goodness for Geoffrey Nutter, whose poetry seems to be powered equally by sunlight, virtue, wonder, and humility.
    Nate Pritts, Rain Taxi

    Nutter is a poet whose hand rests on the rudder, but who is also confident enough to let his poem-ships follow the current underneath. It’s a movement similar to the way dreams progress...where the propulsive force of associative imagery leads each poem forward down the page.
    Michelle Taransky, Time Out Chicago

    Geoffrey Nutter writes about things—or so it seems. Poems about strawberries, battleships, and elevators begin on track and morph into burgeoning blossoms. The poems unfurl smoothly and astonishingly, 'winding toward a pinnacle.'
    Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, The Brooklyn Rail

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    Giant Moth Perishes

    Cities at Dawn

    The Rose of January

    Christopher Sunset

    Water's Leaves and Other Poems

  • Website
    Wallson Glass

    -"The Almost Summer" and "The Continuum" (in Washington Square)
    -"The Faerie Queen" and "Anthropomorphic Landscape" (On The Seawall)
    -"The Pyrotechnicians" (in The Foundry)
    - Three poems (in Octopus)
    - “Two Fishermen” (in Gulf Coast)
    - Three poems (in The Awl)
    - “These Great Sentinels” (in Augury Books)
    - Four poems (in Pinwheel)
    - “Biography” (in Petri Press)
    - Four poems (in The Winter Anthology)
    - “Remember the Telephone Book” (in E-Verse Radio)
    - Seven Poems (in Resistance Journal)

    Phantom Limb, with Jeffrey Allen
    - Rob Mclennan's Blog, with Rob Mclennan
    - Augury Books, with Emily Kaufman
    - Paul Semel's Blog
    , with Paul Semel

  • Audio

    - "Portraits of Our Fathers" in Better Magazine
    - Reading and Q&A with Cort Day at Prairie Lights Bookstore

    At a MAKE Reading for the Mission Creek Festival Lit Crawl:

    Reading at the New York Poetry Festival

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