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  • Jon Woodward was born in Wichita, Kansas and currently works for the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology. His first book, Mister Goodbye Easter Island, was published by Alice James Books in 2003.

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    Woodward’s short poems seem to write themselves, flowing from phenomenal reality without the mediator of reason or logic.
    Lauren Grewe, Verse

    To take control of his thoughts Woodward imposes upon them a seemingly arbitrary physical constraint; he is writing instead of thinking, or better, he is writing as a new way of thinking.
    Craig Morgan Teicher, Boston Review

    Reviews of books by Jon Woodward


  • - Jon Woodward’s website

    - “The Story of How You Went to the Museum” (in The Boston Review)
    - Five poems (in La Petite Zine)
    - “And Because the Leaves Were On Our Side” (in Verse Daily)

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