Richard Meier

Richard Meier

  • Richard Meier’s second book of poetry, Shelley Gave Jane a Guitar, was published by Wave Books in 2006. His first book, Terrain Vague, was selected by Tomaz Salamun for the Verse Prize and published by Verse Press in 2001. His book In the Pure Block of the Whole Imaginary was published by Omnidawn in 2012. He is writer-in-residence at Carthage College and lives in Chicago, IL and Madison, WI. 

  • Reviews

    Meier gives his audience the sense of the poems as created objects, but also encourages us to contemplate the way in which the poems might have been created, through the action of an extremely sensitive and highly perceptive self seeing and writing and reporting back. The result, sometimes, is a willful overload of the senses.
    —Kathleen Rooney, Octopus Magazine

    When Meier insists on the stubborn persistence of character, of physical reality as well as the slipperiness of perception, he creates indelible moments which no rueful philosophic fall from lyric grace or narrative continuity can dissipate.
    —Mike McDonough, Coldfront

    Though Meier...invokes the English Romantics, his techniques recall John Ashbery, pursuing a general failure of human speech to explain or arrest the fluid, always-disappointing world.
    Publisher's Weekly

    Reviews of books by Richard Meier

    Shelley Gave Jane a Guitar

    Terrain Vague

  • Poems
    - “Conflicting Testimony” (in Bold Type)
    - “Endless Topic” (in Boston Review)
    - Two poems (in Konundrum Engine Literary Review)
    - Untitled (in RealPoetik)
    - Nine poems and an introduction (in H_ngm_n)
    - The Weather at Five O’Clock, a collaboration with Sandra Doller, Lucas Farrell, Lisa Fishman, Sara Mumolo, Brandon Shimoda, and Jared Stanley


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