Sawako Nakayasu

Sawako Nakayasu

  • Sawako Nakayasu was born in Japan and has lived mostly in the US since the age of six. She is the author of numerous books of poetry, including So we have been given time     Or (Verse Press, 2004), and most recently Texture Notes (Letter Machine, 2010) and Hurry Home Honey (Burning Deck, 2009). She has received grants from the NEA and PEN for translating the work of contemporary and modern poets from Japan, including Chika Sagawa and Takashi Hiraide. Books of translations include Time of Sky & Castles in the Air by Ayane Kawata (Litmus Press, 2010), For the Fighting Spirit of the Walnut by Hiraide (New Directions, 2008), Four From Japan (Litmus Press, 2006), and To the Vast Blooming Sky (Seeing Eye Books, 2007) by Sagawa. She edits the journal Factorial, which frequently publishes works in translation, and her own poetry has been translated into Japanese, Swedish, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

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    Nakayasu's hypnotic thrust is at times reminiscent of the musical minimalism of composers like Phillip Glass or Steve Reich. Yet she avoids total abstraction just as she avoids hermeticism.
    —Laura Wright, American Book Review

    Nakayasu’s field is a stretch of land in which to store or build things. In which to set the stage or contemplate emptiness. The field is an experiment. There is “a cast of many.” The field might contain a glass jar of ants or “an emergency message.” When you lay down in the field at night you are felt by the earth, by the wind, by the smooth sky. You are held.
    —Caryl Pagel, Kenyon Review

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    So we have been given time     Or

  • - Sawako Nakayasu’s website

    - Insect Country (chapbook, printed in a limited edition by Dusie Press)

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