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Paperback Subscription 2013 *SOLD OUT*

Paperback Subscription 2013 *SOLD OUT*

Subscribers to the 2013 paperback series will receive the entire year's catalog of Wave publications.

The 2013 series includes a translation by Cole Heinowitz and Alexis Graman—Mario Santiago Papasquiaro’s long poem, Advice from 1 Disciple of Marx to 1 Heidegger Fanatic, comparable in energy and tone to Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl.” Papasquiaro is better-known as the character Ulises Lima from Roberto Bolaño’s The Savage Detectives and this will be the first widely-available translation of Papasquiaro’s work in English. The series also includes a compilation of writings relating to Lorine Niedecker’s poem, “Lake Superior”—essays, letters, poems, and journals from different writers and historical figures—an energetic body of diverse voices.

Subscribers will receive collections by Dara Wier, Caroline Knox, Geoffrey Nutter, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Mary Ruefle, Joshua Beckman, Noelle Kocot, as well as Poems (1962-1997), a generous selection of previously unpublished or long out-of-print poems by Robert Lax, edited by John Beer. Also included are two bibliographic pamphlets, Jargon Society Publisher’s Notes, which contains a selection of press descriptions included in books published by (or about) The Jargon Society, written by Jonathan Williams, and A Personal Bibliography on Bolinas, California, a reflection on poets and publishers in Bolinas during the 1960s and 1970s by Dale Smith.

Subscription volumes ship free in the U.S. (bulk rate).


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