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  • Cole Heinowitz is the translator of Advice from 1 Disciple of Marx to 1 Heidegger Fanatic (Wave Books, 2013) and the author of three books of poetry, Daily Chimera (Incommunicado Press, 1995), Stunning in Muscle Hospital (Detour Press, 2002), and The Rubicon (The Rest Press, 2008). Her poetry has appeared in journals including Fence, HOW2, The Brooklyn Rail, The Poker, Factorial!, 6X6, Highway Robbery, Mirage 4 Period(ical), and Clock. Heinowitz is also the author of the critical study, Spanish America and British Romanticism, 1777-1826: Rewriting Conquest (Edinburgh University Press, 2010). Other critical writings have appeared in the journals European Romantic Review and Revista Hispánica Moderna, and in the collections Romanticism and the Anglo-Hispanic Imaginary (Rodopi Press) and “Sullen Fires Across the Atlantic:” Essays in British and American Romanticism (RomanticCircles Praxis Series). Heinowitz received a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of California, San Diego, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Brown University. In 2000-1, she was the recipient of a Fulbright Grant for dissertation research in Seville, Spain. Heinowitz lives in Boiceville, NY and is Associate Professor of Literature at Bard College.

  • Advice may be [Papasquiaro's] best-known work—although until Cole Heinowitz’s wonderfully propulsive version it had never been translated into English.
    Robyn Creswell, the Paris Review

    Reviews of books translated by Cole Heinowitz

    Advice from 1 Disciple of Marx to 1 Heidegger Fanatic

  • Articles
    - “The Allure of the Same: Robert Southey's Welsh Indians and the Rhetoric of Good Colonialism” (in Praxis)

    - Interview with Cole Heinowitz about her recent translation of Mario Santiago Papasquiaro's work

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