Spring Books ON SALE + Our New Seasonal Bundles

Our spring books have arrived! To honor the occasion, we are putting them ON SALE, from now until April 20th. Take 33% off paperbacks, 20% hardcovers, on all the books we are publishing in April and May: 

Woods and Clouds Interchangeable, by Michael Earl Craig
Hear Trains, by Caroline Knox
The Tiniest Muzzle Sings Songs of Freedom, by Magdalena Zurawski
Love Three, by Aaron Kunin
Keeping / the window open, by Rosmarie and Keith Waldrop and edited by Ben Lerner

We are also excited to launch our new seasonal bundles! You can pick up all the spring books for 40% off retail price (that's 16% off the currently discounted price, or right around $70). We've even put a few past seasons up, just to celebrate the new program. Check them all out here

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