Love Three: A Study of a Poem by George Herbert

By Aaron Kunin
Publication Date: April 02, 2019

ISBN# 9781940696829 (4.5x7.25, 360pp, trade paperback)

  • Love Three is a study of a seventeenth-century devotional poem by George Herbert; an essay on eroticizing power; and a memory palace of sexual experiences, fantasies, preferences, and limits—with Herbert’s poem as the key. It is unlike anything you have ever read—a deep, attentive reading of a text and a broad analysis (personal, historical, philosophical) of humanity’s most enduring theme.

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  • Aaron Kunin is the author of five books of poetry and prose, including, most recently, Love Three (Wave Books, forthcoming 2019) and the collection of poems Cold Genius (Fence, 2014). Character as Form, a book of criticism, is also forthcoming from Bloomsbury. He lives in California where he works as a literature professor at Pomona College.

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