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  • Aaron Kunin is the author of seven books of poetry and prose, including Love Three (Wave Books, 2019) and the collection of poems Cold Genius (Fence, 2014). He lives in California where he works as a literature professor at Pomona College.

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    Aaron Kunin keeps me honest—his reading, the extremity of his intelligence, the radical rigor (and weird humor) of his poetry and prose. His learnedness is almost anachronistic and yet I feel like he might, except for his lack of cynicism, be my most contemporary contemporary. I look up to him. it occurs to me often to be grateful for his work.
    Ben Lerner

    Aaron Kunin, odd funny grim philosopher poet, brilliant and heartbreaking.
    Catherine Wagner

    Kunin's Cold Genius tweezers deep feelings. It startles with pleasure and squeaks with pain through a relentless formal labyrinth. He is a master of the awkward sublime, poetry at its most clinical. I take pleasure in it, and that troubles me.
    Jennifer Moxley

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    Love Three
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    The Holloway Series in Poetry: Aaron Kunin
    East Bay Poetry Summit, Hearts Desire - Aaron Kunin
    Reading by Aaron Kunin, 10.17.18 at the University of Chicago
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