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Lisa Fishman

24 Pages and other poems

24 Pages and other poems

By Lisa Fishman

  • ***Also available as an audiobook***
  • Lisa Fishman’s sixth book of poetry is centered on bodies and where they are in relation to each other—whether a body is of plant; of person; or of words, and whether a body is personal or civic; singular or collective; alive or dead. The contradictions of lyric unfold, in this most unconventional elegy, by means of perception so steady it can change. 24 Pages and other poems extends backward and forward, with the presence of many, such as John Clare and Friederike Mayröcker, helping along the way.

  • This is a world in the midst of creation, an Ars Poetica of everything...
    Publishers Weekly

    Fishman's observations are informed by oneness with the ecosystem and depict an environment that is merged with that ecosystem, rather than personified within it...
    American Poets

    Readers of this latest from Fishman immediately sense how much she wants us to “JUST LOOK” at the world, how particular her own observational skills are (“yet try/ to posit as turning// the river the swimmer can// daylight”), and how, as we scrape against the world, “change it some/ is synonym for love.”
    Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal

    These poems touch the earth, smell a clump of soil in their hands. And, yes, a method—fecund, inclusive—is embodied here in the face of loss. Part of the pleasure of this book is feeling not only charm but depth. Taken as a whole, the poems speak a creative response, acknowledgment…
    Mary Cisper, OmniVerse

    Like Clare, Fishman can ramble; her friendly, loose-woven writing, with its lack of transitions, can feel like erasure. She also yearns “to hear past words of the self,” to bring other people’s voices into her poems—the people who wrote the books she read, and the human beings who share her rural Wisconsin life.
    Stephen Burt, Boston Review

  • Lisa Fishman is the author of six books of poetry, including F L O W E R C A R T, Current, and The Happiness Experiment. Her collection, 24 Pages and other poems, was published by Wave Books in 2015. She is the first Lorine Niedecker Poet-in-Residence in Fort Atkinson and Blackhawk Island. A dual citizen of the US and Canada, Fishman lives in Orfordville and Madison, Wisconsin and teaches at Columbia College Chicago.

Publication Date: April 7, 2015

ISBN# 9781940696102 (6x7.75 96pp, paperback)
ISBN# 9781940696096 (6x7.75 96pp, limited edition hardcover)
ISBN# 9781950268344 (audiobook)

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