Lisa Fishman, poet

Lisa Fishman

  • Lisa Fishman is the author of six books of poetry, including F L O W E R C A R T, Current, and The Happiness Experiment. Her collection, 24 Pages and other poems, was published by Wave Books in 2015. She is the first Lorine Niedecker Poet-in-Residence in Fort Atkinson and Blackhawk Island. A dual citizen of the US and Canada, Fishman lives in Orfordville and Madison, Wisconsin and teaches at Columbia College Chicago.

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  • Reviews
    Brevity, oddity, familial joys and intermittent worries, and delight in rural space have come to be what we expect from Fishman.
    Publishers Weekly

    Fishman is laconic, witty, and faintly elegiac...
    American Poets

    Lisa Fishman is a writer who works —confidently, brilliantly—in close-up, often phrase to phrase, building texts that knock you over with their rhythms & insights even though it would be very difficult indeed to paraphrase what she’s doing.
    —Ron Silliman

    Reviews of books by Lisa Fishman

     24 Pages and other poems

  • Poems
    - “Orfordville” (on
    - “Heft” (in Poetry)
    - “Surface Translations” (in Poetry)
    - “Of Unknowing” (from the Woodland Pattern poetry archive)
    - Two poems (in Konundrum Engine Literary Review)
    - “Myth” (in GutCult)
    - “Instructions/Confessions” (in GutCult)
    - “Night in Växjö” (on Under the Midnight Sun)
    - Poems from 24 Pages (in OmniVerse)

    - The Conversant, with H.L. Hix

  • Audio
    - Interview (begins at 13:00) by Christopher Johnson on Santa Fe's KVSF 101.5 podcast of Collected Words, Collected Works Bookstore’s weekly radio show
    - Reading for Machine Project's Mystery Theater Poetry Archives:

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