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  • Anthony McCann was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. He is the author of Thing Music (Wave Books, 2014), I ♥ Your Fate (Wave Books, 2011), Moongarden (Wave Books, 2006) and Father of Noise (Fence Books, 2003). In addition to these three collections, he is one of the authors of Gentle Reader! (2007), a book of erasures of the English Romantics, along with Joshua Beckman and Matthew Rohrer. He lives in Los Angeles and teaches in the University of California-Riverside's Palm Desert MFA program. He is the “Poet Laureate” of Machine Project and also teaches courses at the California Institute of the Arts.

  • Reviews
    McCann demonstrates that the truth surrounds us all; our best way of connecting with it is through compassion and love. With equal parts exuberance and dread, the speaker encourages us to “waste the whole day feeling these things.”
    —Nate Pritts, Boston Review

    For McCann, a poem is a thing capable of astonishing a reader, as well as a thing able to represent the astonishment of its speaker. As a result, speaker and reader alike are willing to remain in the position of observers of beauty, both of objects and the language which colors them.
    —Jennifer Moore, Another Chicago Magazine

    You might not “get” exactly what he is saying but you will feel what he is meaning. You will be moved by something pre-historic and radiant. Which is to say: you will be moved by this mysterious, lyric, ecstatic thing: poetry.
    —Matthew Dickman, Tin House

    Reviews of books by Anthony McCann

    Thing Music

    I ♥ Your Fate


  • Poems
    - Eight poems (in The Brooklyn Rail)
    - “This Living Hand” (in Spoke to Soon)
    - “The Day” (in PEN America)
    - “Mouth Guitar,” with commentary (at the Poetry Society of America)
    - Three Poems (in Ghost Town)
    - Four poems (in The Brooklyn Rail)
    - Five poems, and a poetics statement with seven poems (in H_NGM_N)
    - “Woe to the Wildebeest, Whose Flesh Is to Be Torn” (in Verse Daily)

    Interviews and Discussions
    - Anthony McCann interviews himself at The Nervous Breakdown
    - Fanzine, with Andrew James Weatherhead
    - Anthony McCann and Matthew Rohrer interview each other at Studio One

    - “Open Door” article about Ljubljana for The Poetry Foundation

  • Audio

    - Reading “This Living Hand” for Spoke Too Soon
    - The Voice of Sante Fe's Collected Words podcast
    - “Mouth Guitar” at PennSound
    - “Let The Right One In” at PennSound
    - Reading for Machine Project's Mystery Theater Poetry Archives:

    Reading for Jupiter88

    Reading at City Lights Books:

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