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Noelle Kocot

Ascent of the Mothers

Ascent of the Mothers

      • Noelle Kocot’s ninth collection, Ascent of the Mothers, is a sagacious testament to the ways in which poetry can shape personhood. “I am nothing” they write, “Or else I have made myself / Too big for words.” The scope of this book is marked by Kocot’s psychic journey punctuated by a near-fatal car crash, which elicited a new understanding of their spirituality and gender nonconforming identity. Generous, self-aware, and resilient, Ascent of the Mothers is a treasure to behold and be shared.

      • These poems catalyze the reader to take pause and contemplate the sorrow and wonder of being human.
        Publishers Weekly

        Kocot’s is a quintessential poetry of ambivalence, a quality absent from less-nuanced poetry that revels in strong opinions—when more often, in life, we don’t quite know how to take things, “staying up nights” “For no particular reason”...Kocot powerfully reminds us that that experience is riddled with the ordinary, the arbitrary, the anarchic, and the absurd, and that to value it we must acknowledge this or fail in our understanding.
        Angela Ball, Best American Poetry

        In this book, the mothers are, perceivably, Kocot’s own and themself, or rather, all of our selves, the work of being a whole and multiple selves in one, watching over them, carrying them and releasing them to their own journeys. And isn’t that the work of being alive?
        Elizabeth Zuba, Heavy Feather Review
      • Noelle Kocot is the author of many collections of poetry, including God's Green Earth (2020), Phantom Pains of Madness (2016), Soul in Space (2013), The Bigger World (2011), and a book of translations of some of the poems of Tristan Corbière, Poet by Default (2011), all from Wave Books. Their previous works include the discography Damon's Room, (Wave Books Pamphlet Series, 2010), Sunny Wednesday (Wave Books 2009) and Poem for the End of Time and Other Poems (Wave Books 2006). They are also the author of 4 (2001) and The Raving Fortune (2004) (both from Four Way Books). Their poems have been anthologized in Best American Poetry in 2001, 2012, and 2013. They are the recipient of awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Academy of American Poets, The Fund for Poetry, the American Poetry Review, and a residency fellowship from the Lannan Foundation. Kocot has taught at the University of Texas New Writers' Project and currently teaches in the Creative Writing Department at the New School. They are the Poet Laureate of Pemberton Borough, New Jersey.

Publication: November 2023

ISBN# 9781950268870 (5 x 8, 64pp, paperback)

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