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Dolores Dorantes, Robin Myers

Copy - limited edition hardcover

Copy - limited edition hardcover

W inner of the 2022 Big Other Award in Translation
Finalist for the 2022 Writers‘ League of Texas Poetry Award

“Without the copying process,” the poet Dolores Dorantes has said, “there would be no life, no reality.” Through deconstructed dictionary entries and powerfully syncopated, recursive texts, Copy is a prose poem sequence that insinuates an experience of violent removal: a person’s disappearance from a country, from normal life, and forcible reintegration into a new social and existential configuration. This displaced, dispossessed voice explores what it means to be extracted, subtracted, abstracted out of being—and returned into it. Meditative, urgent, and alive, Copy asserts itself as an invocation, both intensely personal and insistently communal, of the right to refuge, and it enacts a powerful homage to the human capacity for creation and metamorphosis. In this way, this book points to the wound of being extricated, serving as both a suture and a salve.

Publication month: July, 2022
ISBN# 9781950268573(7.5x9.5, 88pp, limited edition hardcover)

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