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  • David Larsen is a U. S. poet and literary translator of Classical Arabic texts. His graduate studies in Comparative Literature ran parallel to years of activity in the San Francisco Bay Area’s experimental poetry community, culminating in a verse collection The Thorn (Cambridge, MA: Faux Press, 2005) and two and a half years as curator of the New Yipes video and poetry series. During the 2011 uprising in Egypt he was a Fulbright Scholar based in Cairo. David Larsen has taught at U. C. Berkeley, Yale and Ohio State, and is currently a Clinical Professor of Liberal Studies at NYU.

    (Author photo by Anelise Chen)

  • Reviews of books translated by David Larsen

    Names of the Lion

  • - David Larsen's translation blog

    - Poetry Foundation, with Brandon Brown, conducted by Thom Donovan

  • Video
    - A selection of poetry videos, circa 2008.

    - Reading "Look Away," "Dear Winged Sandals," and "Letting the Arts be Sciences" in Philadelphia (2009):

    - Reading "Julian Brolaski," "That's the Chronic," "U.S.S.S.S.S.S.," "Look Away," an elegy for a rooster (tr.) by Abu 'l-Hasan 'Ali ibn Zurayq (d. 1029 CE), "The Bolt," "Letting the Arts be Sciences," and a cat poem (tr.) by Abu 'Amir al-Fadl ibn Isma'il al-Jurjani (d. 1065) at The St. Mark's Poetry Project (2011):

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