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  • Fred Moten works in the Departments of Performance Studies and Comparative Literature at New York University. He is concerned with social movement, aesthetic experiment and black study and has written a number of books of poetry and criticism, the latest of which, written with Stefano Harney, is All Incomplete (Minor Compositions/Autonomedia, 2021). In addition to his long-term collaboration with Harney, Moten is engaged in ongoing work with critic Laura Harris, artist Wu Tsang and musicians Gerald Cleaver and Brandon López. Moten is a MacArthur Fellow, a Guggenheim Fellow and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. His book perennial fashion  presence falling was published by Wave Books in 2023.

  • Photo credit: Chris Funkhouser
  • Reviews

    Moten has never been one to settle in or on a single form or discourse. His theoretical work and poetic texts not only work together and in terms of one another but in fundamental ways are each other, simply facets of the same practice, and among the most powerful ways that he enacts a unified field theory of Black art is the lamination of fields of reference in these poems.
    Michael Thurston, Massachusetts Review

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