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Hardcover Subscription 2015 *SOLD OUT*

Hardcover Subscription 2015 *SOLD OUT*

Hardcover subscriptions consist of limited edition, signed and numbered cloth-bound volumes, and are accompanied by publisher's letters. The 2015 hardcover series includes 10 titles.
Subscribers will receive all of the books we published in the spring of 2015: a special edition hardcover of Stéphane Mallarmé's poem, A Roll of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance, a unique form of typographic art, translated by Robert Bononno and poet-designer Jeff Clark, along with the a collection of poetry by Matthew Rohrer, Surrounded by Friends, a compilation of three previously published (and hard to find) books by Susie Timmons, Superior Packets, as well as 24 Pages and other poems by Lisa Fishman (the first Lorine Niedecker Poet-in-Residence), and a book of poetry with an original blend of flarf, lyric, confessional, and abstract style(s), Touché, by Rod Smith.

The subscription also includes all of fall 2015 titles: a hardcover edition of To Drink Boiled Snow by Caroline Knox, One Morning— by Rebecca Wolff, Illocality by Joseph Massey, and Of Entirety Say the Sentence, the third of German poet Ernst Meister's books to be published by Wave, translated by Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick.

The final book of the 2015 hardcover subscription is the first major Selected of John Wieners' poetry since 1988. Supplication: Selected Poems of John Wieners, edited by Joshua Beckman, CAConrad, and Robert Dewhurst, this is an expansive and diverse selection of John Wieners work throughout his books, including poems and facsimile pages of some of his more visually evocative work.

Subscription volumes ship free in the U.S. (bulk rate). Priority and international shipping are available with a fee.

See also: 2015 paperback subscription.

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