Lynn Xu

Lynn Xu

  • Born in Shanghai, China, Lynn Xu is the author of the full-length collection Debts & Lessons (Omnidawn, 2013) and the chapbooks June (Corollary Press, 2006) and Tournesol (Compline, 2021). She has performed cross-disciplinary works at the Guggenheim Museum, The Renaissance Society, Rising Tide Projects, and 300 S. Kelly Street. She teaches at Columbia University, coedits Canarium Books, and lives with her family in New York City and Marfa, Texas.

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  • Poems

    -“Rippling in the ceosops . . .” in Hyperallergic

    -“Last night, beside the menstrual shadow of the corpse . . .” published as a chaplet by Compline

    -“and as the procession /before me fled” on Poem-a-Day

    -“and in autumn- /time" forthcoming in jubilat

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