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Joshua Beckman

The Inside of an Apple

The Inside of an Apple

By Joshua Beckman

  • Joshua Beckman is at his most immediate and attentive in The Inside of an Apple. His sincere, spare poems place the reader within the personal space of the author from inside his apartment to the mountains. From this perspective, the reader experiences a revelation of consciousness and a surprising generosity of spirit.

    2013 LA Times Book Prize finalist

  • Beckman’s poems of emotional curiosity invite the reader to a quiet, familiar space.
    Publishers Weekly

    Beckman’s speakers seem not to search for anything, per se, but see in all things an animating spirit, inseparable from the physical.
    Diego Báez, The Rumpus

    Beckman's one of my favorite living poets—unsoiled as he is by trends and camps. He walks in stride with Whitman and Niedecker and Ginsberg somehow, without sounding like a throwback full of archaisms or faux wit.
    Joshua Marie Wilkinson, HTMLGiant

    That’s the kernel, the approach, of The Inside of an Apple: a minimalist in transit, on a strict ration of words per line, each poem feeling as if it took its own length not just to devise its closing phrase, but to earn it.
    Peter Longofono, Coldfront

    With plainspokenness and the juxtaposition of modern and traditional imagery, Beckman creates a sense of both timelessness and timeliness—no easy task. It’s Beckman’s sincerity, combined with his ability to not take things too seriously, that gives his poems a subtle power. It’s rare to read work that feels simultaneously contemporary and ancient.
    Michelle Aldredge, Gwarlingo

    The poems that make up The Inside of an Apple are light-hearted even when they’re sad. They’re also fragmentary, appearing without titles, blurring where one poem ends and the next begins. But this is by design; the poems’ sentence fragments are highly visual, and show great care for sound.
    Elizabeth O'Brien, New Pages

    These are poems that work gently, respectfully, insistently, almost reverently around the incommunicable. They do this without giving up on communicating something important.
    Dan Alter, Poetry Flash

  • Joshua Beckman was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He is the author of many books, including Animal Days (Wave, 2021), The Lives of the Poems and Three Talks (Wave Books, 2018), Take It, Shake, Your Time Has Come, and two collaborations with Matthew Rohrer: Nice Hat. Thanks. and Adventures While Preaching the Gospel of Beauty. He is editor-in-chief at Wave Books and has translated numerous works of poetry and prose, including Micrograms, by Jorge Carrera Andrade, 5 Meters of Poems (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010) by Carlos Oquendo de Amat, and Poker (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2004) by Tomaž Šalamun, which was a finalist for the PEN America Poetry in Translation Award. He also co-edited Supplication: Selected Poems of John Wieners (Wave Books, 2015). 

Publication Date: September 3, 2013

ISBN# 9781933517759 (5x7.5 112pp, paperback and limited edition hardcover)

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