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Wave Books

The Wave Papers

The Wave Papers

By Wave Books

  • The Wave Papers is a 48-page tabloid newspaper featuring the work of many Wave Books authors and collaborators. Published to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the press, the paper includes poems, prose, facsimiles, erasures, translations, interviews, and artwork.

  • Lisa Jarnot
    An Interview with John Godfrey

    Mario Santiago Papasquiaro
    Second-Hand Heroes
    translated by Cole Heinowitz

    Kim Hyesoon
    Naked Body—Day Sixteen
    translated by Don Mee Choi

    Michael Earl Craig
    “The physician was frank”

    Renee Gladman
    Prose Architectures and excerpt from Calamities

    Caroline Knox
    Exploring Unknown Territory

    Gregory Laynor
    Three Questions for Caroline Knox

    Joshua Beckman

    Tone Škrjanec
    Two poems
    translated by Matthew Rohrer and Ana Pepelnik

    Hoa Nguyen
    I Didn’t Know

    Susie Timmons
    Two poems

    Mary Ruefle
    from Mine Fault

    Cedar Sigo

    Garrett Caples
    Gut of Brando

    James Tate and Dara Wier
    from The Lost Epic of Arthur Davidson Ficke

    Power Sissy Intervention #1

    Geoffrey Nutter
    Class E Ordinary Open High-Sided Wagon

    Émile Armand
    Revolutionary Nudism
    translated by Alejandro de Acosta

    Rod Smith
    Identity Is the Cause of Warts

    Vachel Lindsay
    Apples and Wenatchee

    David Larsen
    by ‘Adiyy ibn Zayd, a poem of his confinement

    Jeff Clark

    Robert Lax
    from 9 Poems

    Noelle Kocot

    Tyehimba Jess
    McKoy Twins Syncopated Star

    Rachel Zucker
    Notes toward a lecture on confessional poetry

    Terrance Hayes
    Notes toward a lecture on Etheridge Knight

    Joe Wenderoth
    Steamed Blue Crabs

    John Wieners
    A Superficial Estimation
    (full facsimile of Hanuman book)

    Miklavž Komelj

    Dorothea Lasky
    They told me to write towards the center

    Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick
    from the Ernst Meister archive

    Anselm Berrigan
    “fresh out of eyes percolating…”

    Marina Tsvetaeva
    Poem of the Hill
    translated by Valzhyna Mort and Matthew Zapruder

    Joseph Massey
    Three poems from the Wave erasure site

    Geoffrey G. O’Brien
    We Are Home

    Rodney Koeneke
    sort of a north country song

    Richard Meier
    1.15.13 and related notes

    Lisa Fishman
    Note on Niedecker’s Takuboku, Expanded
    (facsimile of pamphlet by The Brother in Elysium)

    Joanne Kyger
    Lew Welch

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