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Sandra Simonds



  • A New York Times reading pick for 2023

    Sandra Simonds’s Triptychs is a brilliant intersection of poetic form and the passage of time. Initially crafted in handwritten strips on rolls of receipt paper obtained at a dollar store, then assembled into three textual columns that sit side-by-side on the page, these triptychs are joined or disjoined in several ways—through diction, through the special relation of words (evoking intimacy, touch, or, in contrast, alienation), and through thematic similarities or dissimilarities. As a result, the poems energize the confines of this writing space as they invite readers to recall painterly constructions and news headlines, wherein each pillar is in conversation with another, sequentially and simultaneously. With the same lyric attention found in all of Simonds’s poetry, the poems here mark an innovative shift in poetics that is both polyvocal and singular.

  • The magic of her work lies in how Simonds conveys a particular image of capitalism rendered obsolete by the Schumpeterian wave of creative destruction, overtaken by “One-Click” purchases, selfcheckouts, and e-receipts...Triptychs rails against ossification of feeling and heralds an elegy if we fail to care for people and things.
    Tiffany Troy, rain taxi review of books

    By orchestrating layout and language within the confines of a triadic structure that appears to transcend a naive conception of the dialectic, Simonds’ book effuses the personal, historical, and philosophic conjunctions one expects from their fondest memories of dreams—the sort that touch uncertain emotions and provoke our sense of meaning with new alertness.
    Nicholas Michael Ravnikar, The Georgia Review

    Why do we need this poetry now? Simonds's Triptychs captures the malaise and the anxiety and infinitely delayed gratification of the Covid years. It validates the fragmented nature of these years and the columns fracture the pandemic and open up possibilities between, alongside, and among our experiences, which have otherwise been circumscribed by travel bans, stasis, and lost opportunities.
    Benjamin Landry, Verse Curious

  • Sandra Simonds is a poet and critic. She is the author of eight books of poetry, including Triptychs (Wave Books, 2022), Atopia (Wesleyan University Press, 2019), Orlando (Wave Books, 2018), Further Problems with Pleasure, winner of the 2015 Akron Poetry Prize, Steal It Back (Saturnalia Books, 2015), The Sonnets (Bloof Books, 2014), Mother Was a Tragic Girl (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2012), and Warsaw Bikini (Bloof Books, 2009). Her poems have been included in The Best American Poetry in 2014 and 2015. Her poems and criticism have appeared in The New York TimesThe New YorkerPoetryThe American Poetry ReviewChicago ReviewGrantaBoston ReviewPloughsharesFence and others. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida, and is an associate professor of English at Thomas University in Thomasville, Georgia.

Publication: November 2022

ISBN# 9781950268689 (7.5x10 96pp, paperback)
ISBN# 9781950268696(7.5x10 96pp, limited edition hardcover)

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