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Edwin Torres



By Edwin Torres

  • What does a book want to be in anyone’s hands but an infinite word object? XoeteoX is a dare into perception, traversing territories of language, sound, and the visual page. At the intersection of identity, performance, and typography, these poems compel reader and word into being, presenting a pact towards understanding and the mutual beyond.

  • Poet and performance artist Torres (Ameriscopia) cannibalizes the book form through a hybrid assemblage of various experimental gestures juxtaposed with plainspoken lines... Torres demands attention to the invention of a new kind of language that contains the possibilities of opening up a sparkling new world.
    Publishers Weekly

    Torres manifests himself, and his readers, by his act of writing. He calls forth what is unknown by naming it thusly, and dissolves any easy logics by troubling them in momentous, springboard fashion. With XoeteoX, Torres invites us to enter into this heady performance with him to reach past and on to the next truths and our future selves.
    Arkansas International

    It is a book that...manages to bring a mature, managed poetics forward to the open reader through moments of graceful experimentation and a surge of intense respect for the learned identity.
    Yellow Rabbit

  • Edwin Torres is the author of eight books of poetry, including XoeteoX (Wave Books, 2018), Ameriscopia (University of Arizona Press), Yes Thing No Thing (Roof Books), The PoPedology Of An Ambient Language (Atelos Books), and editor of the forthcoming anthology, Out Of Each Other: An Anthology Of The Body In Language (Counterpath Press). He has performed worldwide and taught his process-oriented workshop, “Brainlingo: Writing The Voice Of The Body,” across the nation.

Publication Date: October 9, 2018

ISBN# 9781940696744 (7 X 9, 104pp, trade paper)
ISBN# 9781940696737 (7 X 9, 104pp, limited edition hardcover)

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