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  • Anselm Berrigan is the author of many books of poetry: Something for Everybody, (Wave Books, 2018), Come In Alone (Wave Books, May 2016), Primitive State (Edge, 2015), Notes from Irrelevance (Wave Books, 2011), Free Cell (City Lights Books, 2009), Some Notes on My Programming (Edge, 2006), Zero Star Hotel (Edge, 2002), and Integrity and Dramatic Life (Edge, 1999). He is also the editor of What is Poetry? (Just Kidding, I Know You Know): Interviews from the Poetry Project Newsletter (1983–2009) and co-author of two collaborative books: Loading, with visual artist Jonathan Allen (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2013), and Skasers, with poet John Coletti (Flowers & Cream, 2012). His chapbooks include Pregrets (Vagabond Press, 2014), and Sure Shot (Overpass, 2013).  He is the current poetry editor for The Brooklyn Rail, and co-editor with Alice Notley and Edmund Berrigan of The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan (U. California, 2005) and the Selected Poems of Ted Berrigan (U. California, 2011). A member of the subpress publishing collective, he has published Selected Poems of Steve Carey (2009) and Your Ancient See Through by Hoa Nguyen (2002). From 2003-2007 he was Artistic Director of The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, where he also hosted the Wednesday Night Reading Series for four years. He is Co-Chair, Writing at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts interdisciplinary MFA program, and also teaches part-time at Brooklyn College. He was awarded a 2015 Process Space Residency by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and in 2014 he was awarded a Robert Rauschenberg Residency by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. He was a New York State Foundation for the Arts fellow in Poetry for 2007, and has received three grants from the Fund for Poetry. He lives in New York City, where he also grew up.

    (Author photo by Michael Grimaldi)

  • Reviews
    For Brooklyn poet Anselm Berrigan, the political arrives in pieces, settling across his sprawling poems like dew or debris. Berrigan has always matched his experimental drive with a personable quality...
    Michael Brodeur, Boston Globe

    Anselm Berrigan's voice continues be one of the most refreshing in contemporary American poetry, for its singular welding of candor, political awareness, and humor that attempts, with a very high rate of success, to co-opt the commercial and political jargon of our times to return it to higher purposes...
    Virginia Konchan, Galatea Resurrects

    Anselm Berrigan's free radical poetry chops your hands off mid-line, drops the book into your lap, and caresses you with disquiet indie pop allusions and echoes of ubiquitous advertising absurdities as it cheers on that last ill-intentioned pint before the crestfallen exit from the pub on a Monday night while ambitiously and unambiguously telling you it might not be OK, but I wouldn't know anyway.
    Jason Eric Jensen, The Brake Lights

    Reviews of books by Anselm Berrigan

    Something For Everybody

    Come In Alone

    Notes from Irrelevance

  • Poems
    - “In Betweener” (in Poetry Magazine)
    - “Rectangle 79” (in Frieze Magazine)
    - “Complementary Noteboke” (on Hyperallergic)
    - Poems (in Elective Affiities)
    - Poems (in Isola di Rifiuti)
    - Several poems by Berrigan (at
    - “We're Not Gonna Turn Me In” (on the Leonard Lopate Show)
    - Four Poems (in BOMBlog)
    - Eight Poems (at The Recluse)

    - Berrigans blog entries at The Poetry Foundation

    Interviews and Discussions
    - Fayetteville Flyer, with Matthew Henriksen
    - The Poetry Foundation, with Bethlehem Shoals
    - Jacket, Noah Eli Gordon and Erik Anderson in conversation about Anselm Berrigan's work
    - The Conversant, with Andy Fitch

  • Audio
    - Anselm Berrigan's page on PennSound

    - Reading for Poeteevee:

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