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Library Subscription 2022

Library Subscription 2022

The 2022 subscription allows libraries to receive the entire year's catalog of Wave publications in their best editions. The subscription includes Wave Books's entire 2022 catalogue in limited edition, cloth-bound volumes, along with any titles we are publishing in softcover-only editions.

Subscribers will receive limited edition hardcovers of Copy by Dolores Dorantes, translated by Robin Myers, And Those Ashen Heaps That Cantilevered Vase of Moonlight by Lynn Xu, Plans for Sentences by Renee Gladman, Tolstoy Killed Anna Karenina by Dara Barrois/Dixon (née Dara Wier), Translation of the Lilies Back into Lists by Laynie Browne, Blood Snow by dg nanouk okpik, Slight Return by Rebecca Wolff,  and Triptychs by Sandra Simonds, as well as a softcover edition of Optic Subwoof by Douglas Kearney.

The subscriptions will be shipped in the winter in one volume shipment. Subscription volumes ship free in the U.S. (bulk rate). Priority and shipping to Canada are available with a fee. Please know that we have a limited amount of subscriptions available.



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